Anode Materials - we are your Partner from Laboratory until Production.

With our outstanding expertise we provide you everything needed to scale up your production from laboratory to volume production. In our test center we can run production size tests, providing information of how a large volume process will affect the material quality. Together with our material scientists and process engineers we develop a suitable process concept for your pilot and scale up production. And we take reference to our experience with large volume production lines in order to transfer these processes into mass production.

The focus on new developments for the anode side of the battery is very high. New carbon and graphite materials are in development. Above this, silicon based raw materials are created which are aimed to improve the performance of the future battery systems.

Yet, the majority of anode materials are from natural resources or from coke. The traditional Acheson process, which is used to graphitize cokebased carbons, is very energy intense and comes with a strong environmental impact.

Onejoon has aimed its efforts to provide support to the companies who develop new anode material that reduce the carbon foot print. We build sophisticated furnaces for the production of artificial carbons and graphites.

  • from coke
  • from polymers
  • from bio materials
  • from the gas phase

Above this, we are capable to provide processes for the production of silicon-based materials. Our references include solutions for the following processes:

  • Pyrolysis
  • Hydrolisis
  • Activation
  • Graphitization

Services from ONEJOON:

  • Test center for laboratory, scale up and production size tests
  • Material scientists and process engineers that can help you to improve your production processes
  • Furnace experts that will develop tailor made production systems
  • Vast reference base in the field of special heat treatment equipment