PK CAM – Pusher Kiln for Cathode Active Material

The lithium ion battery is the key success factor of electromobility. Engineers are aware of the importance of the cathode active material because its energy density determines the distance a vehicle can drive. The calcination process is essential for the quality and price of the cathode powder.

The Intelligent Improvement of Cathode Powder Production is the declared goal of the furnace-, material- and process engineers at the Korean and German Company Onejoon. The next generation of furnaces developed by Onejoon, the PK CAM 4x7 – a pusher kiln – will enable a considerable improvement in process control and therefore in energy density. A significantly increased product capacity combined with a shorter furnace time will significantly reduce the costs of cathode material production. As a turnkey system supplier for almost the entire powder production process, it goes without saying that Onejoon should take a holistic view of the entire value chain. With the PK CAM, Onejoon is taking a big step forward in increasing the efficiency of battery production and is thus clearly committed to decarbonising the mobility of the future. Onejoon is one of the world‘s leading partners in furnace construction. As a Korean-German company, quality and innovation are our commitment to our customers.

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